50 Washington Street

Lynchburg is in the midst of a 25-year renovation project in downtown. But the majority of it has really happened in past 8 years. When we moved back in the Fall of 2003, we saw the Amazement Square, the Depot Grille and Main Street Eatery as really the “new” life of downtown; folks who had rehabbed old buildings that once lay dormant. They breathed fresh life into their bricks. Eight years later, we are watching that wave continue.

Enter 50 Washington Street. Tony West is leading construction CPR on a property that has changed hands several times. Hands that did none or only part of the work required.

West and team seem to have a clear vision and the strength so see her to completion. Take a look at these latest pics of the project. As you can see, they have added a new level to the building, which had terrible fire damage to the top level. This building will no doubt find value as it is the end-cap to the Jefferson Street revitalization plan.

As with any project in the midst of revitalization–the pregnancy stage, let’s call it–we eagerly anticipate it’s outcome: the birth of a new life for one of Lynchburg’s old, but history-rich buildings. Keep you posted…

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