Shoemakers – Savory food, Stunning Environment

Yes, more food. Like I said, if you’re a foodie, you will love Lynchburg. I thought over the next couple posts I would expose you to some of the best eats in town. Let’s start with my favorite place to get a steak. Or a crab cake. Or a burger. I digress. Shoemakers has amazing food, presentation and environment.

For me, the mood of the place I am eating is sometimes as important as the food. Shoemakers does not disappoint in that area. They are part of the Craddock Terry Hotel complex off of Commerce Street in downtown Lynchburg. Their interior feels warm and calming. The textures of the old brick walls, the large wooden beams all coupled with the sizzle of steak just makes me happy. If you’re looking for a great date night, this is a good place to start. Its low light and leather make for a warm setting that can keep you seated and talking for hours.

A few of their signature dishes include:  their jumbo crab cake, the fillet, their HUGE burger and their New York style cheesecake–all fantastic. They also have a cool bar with a  large, top-shelf selection of bourbons. My buddy Sam loves them because they serve Booker’s.

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