For the Love of Houses, Part I-Rivermont

Lynchburg is not just the City of Seven Hills. It’s a city of amazing houses. Old houses, new houses, houses with towers, houses with terraces. Some are diamonds in the rough. Some are just, well … diamonds. Amazingly shiny and more valuable with age. Like wine, but better because you can’t live in or get mail sent to your wine bottle. I digress.

If you need proof that Lynchburg has some of the most amazing pieces of architecture on the East Coast, scroll down. And the best part–we also have some of the most affordable real estate in the country. Take the “Villa of Krislea,” for example.

Set on 10 acres, this 10,215 square foot monster, built in 1911, gives off an elegance of days gone by. And it’s assessed AT just $1.4 million. I know, I know … $1.4 million is still a lot for the Average Joe. I, for one, certainly don’t have that kind of coin lying around. But if I did, the Villa would be a steal. Seriously–where else in the country can you get that kind of stunner with that amount of acreage for under $1.5 mil? Only in the Burg, baby.

This post could be pages long (in fact, I plan to make it into several parts), because I’m completely obsessed with Lynchburg real estate, but below are a few of my favorite things when it comes to homes in the Rivermont Avenue area. Enjoy a mini-tour of small sampling of some of the homes that make my heart race.

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