Snowflex: Try it.

It’s one of those things … You see it from miles away. Everyday. But do you ever go there? Have you ever tried it? Chances are – uh, no. I was one of those.

Several years ago, when Snowflex was in its construction phase, we did a story on what was to come on “Liberty Mountain.” There were dozers and rolls of astro-turf-carpet-looking-stuff. We shot some photos. Told the story. Moved on. FWD to last year – my buddy/co-worker, Derek, shoots some ski patrolers there for a Wintergreen story because it worked timing wise. But personally, I had not experienced the mountain until last month.

I needed some fresh pics of the boarders and skiers doing the thing they do – big air. They did not disappoint. A) The Snowflex Staff and the Liberty Ski Team were super cool and easy to work with B) the place is legit. The photos is this post hopefully demonstrate that “legitness.” We took these right at sunset, which is amazing up there.

The moment you walk in the lodge, you get it. They made a major investment. The lodge, the rental shop and everything on the mountain are A-grade quality. The boarder’s feedback was that they love being able to practice all the time, no matter what the conditions. And its geared for use by the entire community. If you have kids, youth groups etc. … you will want to get them up there. Good news: It’s super cheap. For more on Snowflex and Liberty Mountain check out:  Liberty Mountain and Snowflex website.

Even if it’s just for a cup of coffee and some free Wi-Fi, go check this place out. I will bet you’ll tell somebody else around the same thing. Lastly – tell me how this photo even makes sense…

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  1. Kevin says:

    Your photography is so sick. Each of these four pop with color and awesomeness. Thanks bro.

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