2011 Loft Tour

This past weekend, the Free Clinic of Central Virginia held their 7th annual Loft Tour as a fundraiser. Basically, you buy a ticket to walk around downtown and check out people’s lofts…you know, the ones you are always saying “I wonder who lives there, and what it look like inside?” about.

Its a great fundraiser for a great cause. Plus, it’s inspiring. These lofts have been created from spaces that were not originally intended for living spaces. They all have unique character that the utilitarian warehouses, factories or old retail spaces they now occupy bring to the party.

There were 10 lofts and one building available to view – 11 in total. Our friends from DC drove down for the day and were blown away by the entire tour.

The spaces ranged from smaller, minimalistic art spaces to expansive and luxurious. By far, our favorites on the tour were Riverviews (the home of Greg Boyd, a local painter)…

and Ralph “Chopper” Wilson’s Parlor Lofts, which now stretch halfway down the 9th block of Main St.

And BTW, if you’re in the market for a place to live, there are a few spaces available to rent ranging from $750-$1,500. And when gas gets to $5 a gallon, you’ll look like a genius walking everywhere.

Here is the other benefit to these events – they boost business and tax revenue. How? The weather was amazing so the streets of downtown were p-a-c-k-e-d. Every restaurant and coffee shop was doing serious business.

We were examples of that – we started the morning with Andy Schools at The White Hart and ended the afternoon with lunch at The Depot Grill. Tell me that’s not a great day.

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  1. How neat! I swear I never know when awesome things like this are happeningin Lynchburg; annoying. ;)
    Came across your blog off Kevin M’s. Good find!

    *Cute pic of you and the fam.

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