Take The Train – Do it for Your Sanity.

Seriously, take the train. Today we had meetings in New York City at 3 p.m. with a client.  We jumped on the Amtrak train at Kemper Street Station @ 6 a.m. – just down the street from our house. We arrived in NYC on time and less than a block from our meeting on 34th & 7th with time to spare. Here were the highlights:

1) Only $80 for ticket from Lynchburg to New York, Penn Station
2) We arrived 10 minutes before our train – Not 2 hours – and no one made me take off my shoes.
3) Leg Room – lots of it. We had 3x that of a puddle jumper out of LYH.
4) Room to Work – we had electric plugs and plenty of space to work. We completed our entire presentation, including art, on the train and uploaded it to our iPad for display purposes at our meeting.
5) No layovers. We never had to leave our train. They brought new engines to us in Washington, DC.

I used to make the drive from NYC to Lynchburg every other weekend when Johanna and I were dating in 2002-2003. It was 8 hours constantly, if I was lucky. And most trips left me stuck in traffic at some point. What a beatdown. And I have flown from LYH to JFK, Newark and Laguardia. All three have the same result – a connection flight in ATL or Charlotte. I despise dealing with airports – time, security, sitting and waiting, waiting and sitting, all to wait on the runway. Okay, I digress. The train is the way to go if you’re headed North, up the East Coast to DC, Philly or New York. Period.

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