Winter Wonderland

Seasons. We have four distinct ones in Lynchburg. All four have awesome outdoor sports opportunities in our area. When it snows, we ski. There are a couple options within a one to two hour radius. This weekend, we made a 2-day getaway at Wintergreen Resort with six great friends (another reason we love Lynchburg – the people). It was awrrresome! The mountain had seen about 6-inches of fresh snow the week before and all winter, it’s beenĀ  cold enough to make some serious snow, so the slopes we nice and powdery.

We rented a cabin on the top of the mountain called Perpall’s Perch from a super nice guy named Ron. It came complete with firewood, towels and hot tub! We hopped the shuttle down the mountain and met several friends from Lynchburg. Plus, we got the hook-up on lift tickets from Play It Again sports in Forest – we saved $12 per lift ticket. Yes, I paid $55 bucks to punish myself.

I’m definitely NOT an expert snowboarder but thanks to guys like Ryan, Kyle, Derek and Super-G my skillz greatly improved. I spent less time picking myself up off my frozen face this year – a plus. My legs feel it today. But man, what a great time!

Food? Of course the chili and beers always taste better up here but for dinner we went down the mountain to Devil’s Backbone Brewery. Highlights included the Strawberry Bourbon Wings and their own brew – The Kilt Flasher. Dark as diesel fuel, it’s one of a dozen brews they make in-house. If you’re a fan of hops, this place will make your tastebuds dance.

All in all, the weekend felt like a mini-vacation, and the travel time–or lack thereof–makes it even more attractive. Great slopes, brews and a cabin retreat just an hour from home? Yep, it’s just one more reason we love living in Lynchburg … and visiting Wintergreen on the wintry weekends.

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